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Preventive Dentistry – Bonita Springs, FL

How We’ll Protect & Preserve Your Smile


The best way to deal with any problem is to avoid it entirely, and that’s exactly what our preventive services are designed to do! The sooner we're able to address a dental issue, the less expensive the outcome will be as well, and we're invested in saving our patients money whenever possible. With gentle and compassionate checkups, cleanings, and more, we can help you and your loved ones enjoy healthy, problem-free smiles year after year. These treatments will go a long way in preserving your teeth and keeping your dental care affordable, which is a big win-win in our book! To schedule your next appointment, contact us today.

Why Choose Melanie Pugh, DMD, PA for Preventive Dentistry?

  • Team That is Committed To 100% Honest & Transparent Care
  • Led by a Highly-Trained Dentist with Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Leading-Edge Hygiene and
    Periodontal-Focused Practice

Dental Checkups & Cleanings

Even if you brush and floss every day, everyone has small spots in their mouth where plaque and tartar can accumulate and be out of reach, eventually causing cavities. Thankfully, our hygienists are extremely serious about keeping patients' smiles clean and healthy. A professional cleaning at our office will tackle these trouble spots to keep your teeth and gums in great shape. Also at these appointments, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and bite so they can take care of any decay or damage as early as possible.

Nightguards for Bruxism/Teeth Grinding

Do you wake up with jaw pain or a headache most days? Do your teeth look worn down and flat? If so, then you might be grinding them while you sleep, which is a common condition called bruxism. Thankfully, the solution to this problem is quite simple: a custom-made nightguard that you only wear to bed. This small mouthpiece places a soft but sturdy barrier between the rows of teeth to keep them from damaging themselves throughout the night, helping you sleep easy and wake up pain-free!

Oral Cancer Screenings

We want to do more than just give you a stunning smile—we want to help you stay healthy as well! That’s why, during your checkups, we’ll also keep an eye out for the early signs of oral cancer. We've discovered oral cancer in our patients before and helped them get the proper care. If we find anything, we’ll organize for you to get a biopsy and proper diagnosis. This proactive approach ensures that if you need treatment, you can begin it right away, giving you the best possible chance of a fast recovery.

Sleep Apnea Screenings

Are you struggling with constant feelings of fatigue and exhaustion, even if you seemingly fell asleep right on time the night before? Is your spouse complaining about loud, constant snoring from your side of the bed? Untreated sleep apnea can place a significant strain on your health, your relationships, and your mood – but it doesn’t have to be permanent. We’re happy to meet with patients for consultations to discuss their symptoms and determine if a custom oral mouthguard may be the right way to help you rest easier and live better.